Worthy & Content - Childless Not By Choice

Being Childless Not By Choice is one of life’s biggest heartaches, and not well understood by society, family and friends, no matter how well meaning they are. It doesn’t matter why you don’t have children – whether that’s not meeting the right partner at the right time, childhood or adult illness, infertility (diagnosed or unexplained), unable to afford expensive private treatment – not having the life we had imagined is really tough.

Letting go, gently and respectfully, of the grief, the weight, the heaviness, the gut reactions, the tears in your eyes is possible, enabling you to simply start living again.

Having spent my 30s trying to conceive, my 40s grieving for my loss, I wanted to reclaim my life for my 50s so that I could start living again. Surely there was more to life than longing for something I couldn’t have? Going through my own healing journey (yes, the j word), has allowed me to learn, retrain and now help other women and men who have that baby-shaped hole in their heart. Using the talking/energy psychology therapy of tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT), my clients are no longer triggered by pictures/talk of babies/pregnant women/families. They feel lighter and free to be curious about the life they can now have.

If you’d like to find out more about how working with me can make you feel worthy and content with your life, book here for a free chat online (or in person in the Shropshire/West Midlands area). If your gut is telling you that you really want to do this, book here for your first appointment.

Healing from childlessness is possible.

Want to get started? Sessions can be booked individually for £50 an hour

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Therapy Packages

Good grief


US$275 AUD$360 EU€230

Grief is a natural and necessary part of the healing process. We need to grieve, and to grieve properly. It can’t be rushed or diminished, but we can take some of the pain away, and make grief less overwhelming. If you’re in any of the stages of grief (denial, anger, depression or acceptance – although that’s a very loaded word and we’ll talk more about that during the sessions), you may wish to lessen the intensity of those feelings, so that you can function better in your daily life.

  • 4 x 60-minute sessions of personalised EFT

Letting Go


US$425 AUD$565 EU€330

Let the heaviness, the sadness, the physical reaction to all those triggers be a thing of the past. Feel calmer, more positive, and worthy as a person. Not having children doesn’t mean you have to live a second-class life, in the shadows, anymore. Experience fundamental change in how you feel, think and react, in just 3 days.

  • 5 hours of personalised EFT over 3 days in a mini-retreat
  • 1 x 30-minute follow-up session
  • ‘Nurture’ package & all workshop materials posted to you
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