45 Mins - £40
1 Hour - £50
1.5 Hours - £75
2 Hours - £95

Advanced Myofascial Release

Using very gentle touch to encourage your fascia (connective tissue throughout the body) to release and find its rightful place is an incredibly healing and self-rightening experience. Releasing years of poor posture, chronic pain, and emotions, your body lets go of what it no longer need. You discover a new shape, a new energy, and a new you. One-off treatments, or a full body reset of 3 x 90 minute appointments.

EMMETT Muscle Release Therapy

A very special, light touch therapy that releases the tension and tightness in your muscles. Using a mix of acupressure and muscle attachment points, ligaments, tendons and bony landmarks, you’ll instantly feel the tension melting away. Clients describe this as ‘magic’. Getting rid of strong pain doesn’t require a really painful massage, rather, the more gently I work with your body, the more your body can feel safe to respond and let go.

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Ever had that sinking feeling in your tummy? That lump in your throat? The weight of the world on your shoulders? Emotions can manifest themselves as physical symptoms, and tapping on these, and the energy they create in the body, helps to identify, shift and release the beliefs surrounding our thoughts and feelings. A very powerful yet gentle way to change your life.

Holistic / Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Your body (and mind) will feel completely rejuvenated, releasing knots, muscle tightness, and increasing your wellbeing through touch and massage. Drift off and let your mind take a break, while your body enjoys a top-to-toe treatment. My clients say “a massage with Lana is like having a 2-week holiday”.

Back / Neck / Shoulders Massage

Getting rid of tension, soreness, and restricted movement in your neck, shoulders or arms, enables you to do all those things you used to be able to do without worrying about pain.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Massage

Clicking/lock jaw, headaches, earache, neck issues, shoulder issues, sinus issues and hip issues (yes, your hips are connected to your jaw). These are just a few things that can be helped with this very special intra-oral massage (that’s massaging inside your mouth, as that’s where the tight muscles are). Your jaw/neck/shoulder/face will feel loose, relaxed and more spacious.

Pregnancy Massage

I nurture you, so that you can nurture your growing baby. Being relaxed during your pregnancy helps every aspect of your body especially around your lower back, hips and pelvis, where there is a lot of change going on and mind. Enjoy a really caring, nurturing, amazing massage for this special time of your life.

Oncology Massage

You may have been told ‘you can’t have a massage because you have cancer’. With my specialist training, you can enjoy a thoroughly relaxing massage, to reduce stress and tension, and make you more able to cope with what you’re going through. It’s completely safe and gentle and can help to lessen the side effects of cancer treatment. This style of massages is also suitable for 2 years after treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Gently stimulation of the lymph system to increase drainage and flow, to reduce puffiness and toxin-build up. Suitable for post-surgery.

Facial Massage

Facial massage is all about the massage, not the products. By using a special blend of Japanese and Indian massage techniques, your facial muscles are enlivened, the blood flow is increased to improve your skin tone, and puffiness can be reduced. A wonderful stand-alone treatment, or a series of 6 treatments (pay for 5, get the 6th free).

Hot Stones Massage

The warmth of the natural volcanic stones soaks deep into your muscles, to help you relax and therefore enable your body to let go of its tension and tightness. A truly gorgeous experience that leaves you feeling extremely relaxed. *£10 supplement.


Reiki, a very traditional form of healing, is simply allowing the energy that your body and mind needs at that time to come to you, to head towards blockages, to gently shift and release what needs to be cleared. Receiving a Reiki treatment can be soothing, calming, anxiety-reducing, and life-enhancing. Fully clothed, it can be hands-on, or hands above the body, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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