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Sore neck and shoulders because you’re working from home on a dining room table?

Feeling grumpy and tired in the morning because you’re not sleeping properly?

Reaching for the wine/pills/chocolate (insert your choice of guilty pleasure) because you have a headache?

Getting fed up of doing everything for everyone and not having any ‘me time’?

With my online treatments:

You’ll relax
You’ll relax and stretch out your muscles
You’ll relax and stretch our your muscles and get rid of those sore spots
You’ll feel more in control
You’ll embrace some valuable time for yourself
You’ll take a break from the busyness (or loneliness) around you
You’ll feel better
You’ll sleep better
You’ll live better

If your shoulders and neck are aching from working from home on an uncomfortable chair/wonky table with a tiny laptop, or endless Zoom meetings are doing your head (and eye muscles) in, or the stress of coping with everyday life is really getting to you, you can feel better with my online wellbeing treatments.

With my treatments you’ll understand how to stretch your muscles and ease out those trigger points (those tiny hard bits you can feel in your shoulders, neck and upper back).

You’ll learn how to massage your own skin in a way that’s full of compassion, care and de-stressing techniques.

You’ll have a better night’s sleep, and feel more calm and capable. You’ll feel so good that you’ll want another treatment the following week.

How is this possible online? A great therapist makes connections with her/his clients, and the internet is no longer a barrier to this connection. My caring nature means that you’ll feel supported and cared for.

YouTube videos are great for some techniques, no question, but my online treatments help you as a person, an individual, and give you space and time to breathe while being guided by me so you don’t have to think about anything.

Get rid of the stress in your neck and shoulders. Enjoy a rejuvenating, uplifting face massage, or an energising Indian head massage. It sounds like it couldn’t possibly work – you massaging your own skin? – but it truly does, believe me. And if you don’t feel better, I’ll give you your money back.

You don’t even need any fancy massage oil – olive, coconut or vegetable oil is fine, unless you do have the fancy stuff and then by all means pamper yourself with it. You just need a comfortable chair to sit in, some time for yourself, and an internet connection. I’ll do the rest.

Online wellbeing is a new ‘thing’ born out of the need to social distance. It’s safe, ethical and so accessible at any time of day or evening, business hours or evenings.

You can chat with me first, or simply book your treatment so that you’re feeling better just knowing you’ve got some self-care in your diary. Please know that you can feel better with online wellbeing.

Corporate packages available for teams and staff working from home. POA.

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