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Holistic massage

Soothing. Calming. Long languid strokes. Hot stones. Relaxing music. Fluffy towels.

As a fully qualified holistic/Swedish massage therapist, I provide massage for everyone who’s experiencing stress, tension, anxiety, aches and pains, sleeplessness and who needs general relaxation and me-time in today’s busy world.

Pregnancy massage (from 15 September)

Safe, effective, professional pregnancy massage to soothe and nurture you and your bump, and reduce any discomfort you may be experiencing. Enjoy the precious ‘me-time’ and truly look after yourself during this time of physical and emotional change.

Oncology massage

As a fully qualified & certified specialist oncology massage therapist, I tailor each session to suit your individual needs. It’s gentle, soothing touch to calm your body & mind, increase your comfort & wellbeing, and reduce the symptoms of cancer & its side effects.

My massages include:

Cancer massage

Soothing gentle touch to increase your wellbeing & comfort during & after cancer

Full body massage

Including feet, hands & head

Natural facelift

It’s about the massage, not the products

Indian head massage

Great for head, neck & shoulder aches

Hot stones and/or heated bamboo sticks

Effective & gentle treatment of aching muscles, & feels absolutely amazing!

Deep tissue and myofascial release

To quickly remove pain & tension that can be ‘stuck’

*All massage treatments can be tailored to your needs & likes, and from light pressure to deep.

*Choose from a range of gorgeous aromatherapy oils to calm, balance, focus, energise or restore wellbeing.

My treatment room is fully insulated, cosy and warm. There’s a heated under-blanket on the massage table if you wish, and soothing music – or silence – whatever you prefer. It’s your time and your treatment.

I’m registered with the Council for Natural & Complementary Healthcare, and the Complementary Therapists’ Association.